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Graduate & Post-Doctoral Training
Graduate & Post-Doctoral Training

The inter-disciplinary and yet integrated nature of the Saguenay Youth Study represents a unique training environment for Ph.D students and post-doctoral fellows. The rich SYS database serves as a playground where different questions about the influence of genes and the environment on the adolescent brain and body can be asked (and answered) by curious and creative trainees.


The following Ph.D theses have been based – in full or in part – on the data collected in this study:

Body image during adolescence: Behavioural and neuroimaging studies (Rosanne Aleong)

Sex differences and the effect of gonadal hormones on white matter of the human brain (Jennifer Perrin)

Mood disorders in a population-based sample of adolescents: Vulnerability factors, face processing and cortical thickness (Marije Jansen)

Role of the autonomic nervous system in cardiovascular and metabolic health in adolescence (Catriona Syme)

Effect of prenatal exposure to maternal cigarette smoking on kidney size and cardiovascular function (Naomi Loyse)


Post-doctoral fellows have investigated the following topics:

Brain size and cortical folding (Roberto Toro)

Maternal smoking during pregnancy and cortical thickness (Roberto Toro)

Maternal cigarette smoking during pregnancy and drug experimentation in adolescence (Shahrdad Lotfipour)

Handedness and cortico-spinal tract (Pierre-Yves Herve)