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This study is about the brains and bodies of your children. Over the past few years, over 600 teenagers and their parents, from the Saguenay region have participated in this exciting project that charts changes occurring during adolescence in many different domains, from brain growth to improvement in cognitive skills to distribution of fat in the body and regulation of blood pressure. The study continues…

Right now, the study is about your children – you can read about it in the different parts of this web site [OVERVIEW, TEENS, PROTOCOL]. But we also need your cooperation – we will be asking you to answer questions about family environment, education of your children, but also about yourselves – both when you were teenagers and at present. We will also ask for a sample of your DNA.

We thank very much those of you who have already participated and contributed to the new knowledge derived from this study. And for those of you who have just learned about the Saguenay Youth Study – we hope you and your children will take part!

Thank you.