This study is about your brains and bodies! Over the past few years, over 600 teenagers from the Saguenay region have participated in this exciting project that charts changes occurring during adolescence in many different domains, from brain growth to improvement in cognitive skills to distribution of fat in your body and regulation of blood pressure. The study continues….

As you can imagine – by learning about the development of brain and body during adolescence we gain new knowledge important for your health and well-being, now and in the future.

Those who have already participated know that we test you “inside out”.

We ask questions about your life habits, both good and bad.

We test your memory, dexterity, spelling and reading, and IQ.

We take pictures of your brain and body, using magnetic resonance scanner in the Saguenay hospital – this is a simple procedure that is being used in many other studies of brain development, starting as early as at the age of 7 days!

We also measure your blood pressure as you sit, stand, and do math. This tells us how your heart and blood vessels work – this is very important for your future cardiovascular health.

And we ask you to answer many questions, using questionnaires, about your personality, your friends, and your mental health.

Doing all of this in hundreds of teenagers allows us to figure out what are the general risks and “protectors” of mental, cardiovascular, and metabolic health in adolescence and beyond.

Why should you participate? Because you are helping us to figure out how it all works and – by doing so – how to improve your health today and in the future. As a token of appreciation of your hard work, we give you a $50 voucher, a movie showing your brain, and the results of your personality and IQ tests.